Friday, January 25, 2013

Film Friday: Kenai and Q

Oh, you didn't think they were in a video together did you?  Too bad, so sad. They aren't. He does share her grain on occasion. And she did run him over once. And he barks at her a lot (and is scolded). And she does give him the stank eye a lot...

Okay, okay, okay, the videos! They're all from my phone and are of varying quality.

First, Kenai pulling Maddy at the resort. Two happy beings.

Second, Q the night I was supposed to soak her feet. Yeah, remember that soaking thing? That never happened. She was a psycho so we did other work instead. Then the weather became arctic and it seemed wise to not stand around in it waiting for the White Lightning to work. And because I have few videos of her trotting like a mad horse, here's one.

And finally, Kenai in our surprise snow the other day. They said we'd get 1-3 inches over night...woke up to 7 inches! This was taken after I got home from work.

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