Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Goal Update; February Planning

Aaannnnd, as I predicted at the beginning of January, I didn't get to the barn much during that month! Shocker!

I worked 30 of 31 days in January between my two jobs. That's right, folks, I had one whole day in which I didn't work in my office or on the mountain. That one day was the day Mike and I took some time to go skijoring with Q.

In addition to my work load, at least one third of the month was spent with temperatures in the single digits that were often below 0°F with windchill. Um, yeah, not at the barn much for those!

Awaiting instruction. I see DAPPLES on Griffin. Squee.
In fact, looking at my training log that I keep in Evernote on my phone, I only got out to the barn 5 days in January! And while none of those days at the barn really focused on the concrete goals I'd made on here, they were quality time spent improving both horses - regaining baseline fitness for Q for this upcoming ride season and introducing Griffin to further saddle time on the trail.

I am not surprised, nor do I regret my lack of time with the horses in January. However, it does make me want to buckle down and focus on getting out there more in February. My work schedule will be very similar to January, but with the advent of longer and longer daylight hours, I plan to jaunt out after work during the week to spend time working both critters. (One day down, so far! A pretty good start.)

February Goals:


  • Continue to pursue maintaining her calm demeanor: A continual goal that is continuing to have wonderful results.
  • Continue with further work in side reins and dressage exercises US: I want to work her a minimum of 10 days this month focusing on this.
  • Begin lateral work: This goal has been present and failing for two months, this is the month when I am going to begin focusing on it.
  • Continue bareback and bridless work: If we have some time, I still plan to add this to the repertoire.

Sad grey pony doesn't want to work.
  • Get out onto the trails more: We were very successful with this in January. He was out on the trail 4/5 days that I was at the barn. I want to continue this trend into February.
  • Walk-trot consistency US with bridle: I have some new ideas to help Griffin make the connection/transition between the bitless norm he prefers under saddle into bridle work under saddle. I still plan to ride him on the trail exclusively bitless, but I'd really like to be able to gain flat work with a bit without him having a fit.
  • Continue work in side reins: I want to work Griffin a minimum of 10 days this month where the side reins are involved; mostly, I really need to focus on exercises to build his strength. His "popping up" during transitions under saddle is most likely a strength issue (thanks, Karen!) and for both our sakes, this needs to be improved.
  • Walk-trot poles during non-US work: I plan to incorporate this to every lunging session.

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