Monday, July 27, 2015

A Little Help?

Do you have $5? $10 to spare? A little can go a long way...

One of my best friends and fellow blogger Saiph is going through some dire financial straights with her mare Lily. Yes, insurance covered the initial surgery, but there have been post-op complications that have led to multiple emergency vet calls to the farm - things that aren't covered by insurance. These additional costs are racking up to ~$2k

Saiph and her husband Charles are incredibly hardworking people - some of the hardworkingest people I know. C has been working OT to help with this added strain on their already very, very, VERY tight budget. Saiph wants to pick up a second job, but is already maxed out working her job AND going back and forth to the barn at a minimum of 2x/day to take care of Lily to try to keep additional board costs down (stall board is more costly than field board, as we all know). They're doing all they can to make ends meet, but it's so very hard, as anyone with a tight budget understands.

Karen and I have set up a GoFundMe page for Saiph and Charles to help a little bit with everything that has been happening with Lily and the additional complications. They're worn so thin already and we wanted to try to make things a little easier. If I lived closer I'd be having them over for meals multiple times a week to make things a bit easier or I'd be offering to do other small chores to help make their lives a bit easier in this tight time - but alas, I'm 3.5 hours away which complicates things.

So, if you've got a little bit to spare, please consider donating a bit? It only takes a few clicks.

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