Monday, February 8, 2016

A XC Ski Haiku Story

With laughter we start
Big smiles and bright clothes adorn us
As we ski uphill

Several pass me
Giggling as they climb up
Then they go downhill


We cheer and holler
Carving hop turns down the hill
Skis on snow go kksscchhhh

We climb up thin snow
Up, up through the trees we go
A cliff signals STOP


We talk, drink and laugh
Some jump the cliff on their skis
We whoop and applaud

We continue up
Winding through trees on thin snow
The dogs lead the way


Another short stop
Chips and dip and white lightning
Merriment abounds

Climbing continues
We seek the sickest tree lines
Patchy snow at best


We wind, weave, and dodge
Rocks, trees, and moss on our path
Giggling, laughing

And another stop
Before we wind and climb more
Seeking the sunset


Merriment and beer
Before we ski down groomers
Everyone smiling

An epic sunset
Tele turns race down the hill
Carving and sliding


All take a moment
Appreciate the present
A beautiful night

We reach the bottom
What an amazing journey
Robbie's Rad-Venture


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