Friday, September 23, 2016

Twinning BFFs

With the introduction of Stan to the herd, the dynamic of buddies has changed up. My three now pair themselves with their closest twins in the field.

It's kind of cute and very interesting from a herd dynamic perspective.

horses09222016 (8 of 11)
Saja and Grif

Griffin is the youngest in the group and he's paired with the oldest.

horses09222016 (10 of 11)
Q and Little Bit

Q is with her forever crush who is finally her boyfriend (except she's on house arrest now and thus must be lonely and turn him back over to the woman she tried, tried, and succeeded at stealing him from...but no fear Q, that woman is heading down the road soon and you can go back to being his only love!).

horses09222016 (9 of 11)
Stan and Pokey

And Stan is paired forever with his girlfriend he was stalled beside for many years in his younger days. They're rather inseparable.

Although, for Q and Griffin - especially Griffin - if I'm in the field then they'd rather bother me and pair up with me!

horses09222016 (5 of 11)
Mauling me for attention on my left
horses09222016 (11 of 11)
And on my right, this one.

I'll take it. =)

Do your horses pair up with their twin in the field?


  1. That is so cute! There is a pair of palominos that are best friends at my barn, it's hard to tell them apart.

  2. My BO's 2 yo Morgan filly looks a LOT like Gracie. I've always said she looked like she could be Gracie's daughter! Now that they are in the same field together, they HAVE paired up!

    Lily, however, will always prefer chestnuts, despite being a bay herself. I've alley said she likes redheads. ;)

  3. Aw they are so sweet! Isabel was always fairly aloof and independent in the field, but Charlie is alllll about having friends. So far it seems like anyone will do tho haha

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