Monday, May 1, 2017

Rolex Preview

WHAT a weekend at Rolex!

I have much to say and copious photos to share, but they're going to take some time to get through. Until then, here is a quick preview.

20170427 Rolex
Congratulations to Michael Jung and fischerRocana on their third straight win at Rolex
20170427 Rolex-4
This mare is such a powerhouse!
20170427 Rolex-2
It was truly a joy to watch this pair throughout all three phases
20170427 Rolex-3
She knows her job so, so well
20170427 Rolex-15
Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen led after dressage but ultimately finished 27th
20170427 Rolex-14
Loughan Glen had a beautiful dressage test though!
20170427 Rolex-6
Allie Sacksen and Sparrow's Nio took quit the tumble into the Head of the Lake; fortunately both were okay!
20170427 Rolex-8
Madeline Backus and PS Arianna had a great showing and finished 20th.
Here they are approaching the trout jump at the Head of the Lake.
20170427 Rolex-9
Lauren Kieffer's Vermiculus was definitely my favorite horse all day.
There's just something about that Arab blood! She withdrew him
before the second inspection
20170427 Rolex-10
Rachel McDonough and Irish Rhythm making tidy work through the second element of the Frog Pond;
they would ultimately be eliminated on XC
20170427 Rolex-11
Andrea Baxter and Indy 500 over the second element at the Frog Pond;
they finished 31st
20170427 Rolex-12
Phillip Dutton and Mr. Medicott looked strong throughout the Park Question complex. The pair was the first place USA
team and finished 4th place overall.
20170427 Rolex-13
Doug Payne and Vandiver (Quinn) powering through the Park Complex.
Doug withdrew Quinn before the second inspection.


  1. Wow, these pictures are GREAT! Loved watching the live-stream online all weekend.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks & omg so many photos of XC especially. It's hard to pare them down!

  3. Ah! Love these! So glad we were able to see so much!

    1. Me, too! Only small regret is not getting to witness those huge ditches in person to see the shear athleticism and air time lol. Frog pond was pretty damn sweet though.

  4. Omg that shot of Sparrows Nio!!! Great photos and sounds like an incredible trip!!

    1. I know, right?! I told Austen, "Let's watch the pony then we can go to the next jump," 'cause I wanted to see the smaller horse tackle the course. I'm sad they were eliminated but my photographer side was psyched to get to photograph that moment! Really grateful they're okay. Benefits to crashing in water = softish landing.

  5. Wow the reflection on Sparrow's Nio!! Great shots all around. So fun to meet you and can't wait to see more photos!

    1. I could have stayed at the Head of the Lake all day playing around with reflection shots!

  6. WOW you got amazing photos!!! SO lovely to meet you this weekend!

    1. Thank you, it was wonderful to meet you, too!