Thursday, June 21, 2018

From the Archives: Life Changes

I've been sitting on this news for, well, months now. Unlike many, I had little to no desire to share my "big news" in a public manner after it happened. But as time has passed and I've told as many people as I can in-person or through direct message, it seemed high-time to share it.

Dave and I eloped on February 2.

20180202 Elopement_59

The Story: We were both working our ski patrol jobs and got married that morning while we had extra coverage on the mountain (and before it got very busy). The weather wasn't exactly welcoming  with temperatures ringing in at a balmy -24°F with the wind chill.

I had only told a handful of people we'd be eloping. Of those, I don't think I shared the date with anyone except fellow ski patrol and a photographer friend because it was sort of necessary to tell them. In fact, I didn't even decide on a date until about 2 weeks before!

One of our neighbors whom I'd shared the news with surprised us the night before our elopement with what I've coined a "bride in a box". She worked with a local shop to put together a box full of wedding "necessities": disposable champagne flutes, a bottle of champagne, a veil, some ribbons, a bouquet, a boutonier (I left the bouquet at home lest it become a blackened, shriveled mess upon entering the frigid outside air), and a garter she'd sewn herself complete with some blue ribbon and little snowflakes!

As if that surprise wasn't enough, we have the greatest friends on ski patrol with us. Three of them surprised us with some modest decorations at the place we were married and a cake afterwards! Coupled with the champagne, we were able to have a lovely little "reception" afterward.

Dan, my farrier who is mentioned throughout the blog, married us in a very short < 5 minute ceremony as our friends/coworkers witnessed. We even had our token "wedding crasher" in another friend who was skiing for fun that day. If the weather hadn't been so brutal in the morning (the sun did come out in the afternoon), we would have had a few dozen more crashers because the annual Groundhog Day XC ski from the neighboring XC resort had planned to drop in on us (the owner is a good friend of ours and his son is on patrol with us).

We had a short walk downhill from our ski patrol hut to where we were married - because yes, despite the brutal cold and wind, we were married outside on top of a mountain. Dan led the "procession" followed by our last second (literally) "ring bearer" and "flower girl", the latter of which flung snow from a metal bowl we found lying around.

Following the "ceremony" and the toast and cake eating, we went for our first "ride" as a "just married" couple. With Dan in the horns (term for the toboggan handles), we were put in one of the toboggans we use to off-load injured customers from the hill and taken off the mountain amidst cheers - and [loving] jeers - from our friends who skied and boarded alongside kicking up waves of snow over us the whole way. Oh, and did I mention there were beer cans tied to the back of the toboggan?

After our shifts ended and the mountain closed that night, word had spread around the valley and we had an influx of friends in our tiny little ski patrol building for hours. It was a lot of fun and a very stress-free way to get married.

However, not one to miss a chance to enjoy a good time with friends and family, we're celebrating in the near future by throwing a big potluck. Planning a party is way simpler for me than planning a wedding would have been! I'm so very excited to see so many friends and family in one place very soon.


And, of course, photos! Credit to Brian Sarfino who braved not only the weather but my camera which he'd never used before this morning. The pictures and the attire of everyone except Dave and myself tells the true story about how brutally cold -24°F is.

20180202 Elopement_13
Dan leading the way followed by our impromptu ring bearer and flower (snow) girl
20180202 Elopement_27
And of COURSE Taiga and Kenai were involved!
20180202 Elopement_29
You can see the banner and our friends in the distance
20180202 Elopement_42
20180202 Elopement_46
Our ski patrol friends - and one wedding crasher (also a friend)
20180202 Elopement_54
Yes, despite my smile, I was really f*cking cold
20180202 Elopement_70
Champagne and the homemade cake - complete with redheaded girl and bald man (Dave has alopecia) Lego toppers lol


  1. So very exciting...congrats!

  2. Congrats! As a hater of traditional weddings, this is the kind of thing I can totally get behind. It seems so much more genuine!

  3. Aww what a special and private way to get married, so fun! Belated congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! That seems like the perfect wedding for you guys! Great pics despite the cold, too!

  5. That sounds like such an amazing and 'you' kind of wedding!

    Belated congrats!

  6. How adorable! And you two had the wedding YOUR way, which sounds absolutely perfect! You two look very happy <3 And happy belated congrats!

  7. Congrats to both of you. I'm so happy for you two!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate.

  8. Aw, love this! Congratulations and best wishes to you both. What a perfect (albeit cold) day! Love that the dogs got to come too.

  9. I think I've been giggling at that photo with Taiga's head in the snow since the day you showed it to me. 😂 Can't wait to see you!

  10. How cool, congratulations! We also eloped to a place that was special to us (Italy) and then threw a big BBQ party several months later, and it remains one of the best decisions we ever made. So happy for you!!

  11. OH MY GOSH! Congratulations! I just love this - it seems so personal and special!

  12. this is awesome and also so metal cause of the cold. few people can say they have a 'badass' wedding!

    congrats <3

  13. Congrats! A wedding like that is pretty much my dream, so simple and perfect! :)

  14. This sounds like the most magical, perfect wedding EVER. Congrats!!

  15. This is so perfect and so very you!! Huge congrats to you both <3 Love the photos and the fact that, like a true badass, you got married in the most brutal of the elements.

  16. Congrats!!!! That weddings sounds absolutely perfect for you (whereas I would have died lol). I don't blame you for eloping. I didn't exactly elope, but mine was very small and low key with only ten people total (well not counting me and hubby). I love that the pups got to be there too. That makes it perfect. :)

  17. Congrats! It looks like it was lovely :-)

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