Friday, August 9, 2019

Stall Walls and Sunset Views

Just a short update on this week's progress. We dipped out of town Thursday for a weekend away for a wedding, leaving the barn and horses behind in the hands of great friends.

I'll admit - it's a bit nerve-wracking to leave the horses! But I am infinitely calmer about it all knowing my sitter is amazing and knowledgeable. Additionally, it's great to know that some progress will be made on the barn despite our absence thanks to Dave's buddy who is continuing to work on pieces while we travel. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible folks. 💜

August 5

Dave worked alone today and the changes weren't too dramatic from a photo-perspective, though they will make a big difference as things move forward as the stall walls and doors will quite literally depend on this foundation. In fact, other than knowing the dimension and height of the walls, I'm not entirely certain how everything will look! Dave's visited all of my local friends' barns to garner ideas. I know I'm going to have sliding stall doors because he wants to preserve my aisle space, but beyond that, I don't know how exactly everything is tying together. We'll all be surprised together as this unveils itself in coming weeks.

Setting up the ground work foundation for the stalls...two of them anyway!
Roof finish work and exterior siding on the back of the barn
Stall framework again
Deep(er than it appears in the photo) hole and the water hydrant. Had hoped to put it IN the tack room, but was a little too late making that decision. Ah, well. All is well regardless.

August 6

When I arrived home on this day, I was a bit preoccupied trying to quickly prep some things for a dinner with friends and get back out the door in record time. I tossed off my work shoes, put on barn shoes, and with a cursory greeting to Dave, headed down to the barn to muck and feed. (OMG the joy of doing this every day... I can't even.)

I could see right away that the second front window had finally been installed. I had assumed that the windows and exterior work would be completed on this day, so seeing the window was exciting, but not a surprise. I was almost IN the barn before my eyes and brain made the connection that, oh shit, STALLS! And I then called up to Dave, who was sitting on the porch with a beer, "Damn, you did some work!"

Not only did both windows get put in, but the framing for two stalls was completed, some of the walls were also completed, and the interior boards for the rear door had been placed.

Look at the stall framing inside the door!
Beginnings of stalls! And some creepers who wish they could stand in the barn lol
Milled wood!
Prettiest dang stalls around. Pinkish wood is cherry, lighter wood is maple
Front stall
Middle stall and third stall
Awful evening lighting, but a shot of the first stall again
Big ol' window in the front!
Another shot of the front window
And the matching back window!
Second shot of that back window
Some work on the interior of the back door and my jankily stacked hay that makes me giggle
This view has really changed with the addition of partial stall walls
Progress on the door from the outside and that window!
Can't wait to watch how this will evolve as we get more siding up
This trailer had been HEAPED full of milled wood....not so much now 
Seriously loving the fact that the windows are all in now
Easy to imagine the finished product when you can see a fully finished side. I only wish we could frame the end windows the
same as the side windows. Unfortunately, framing them shadow box style like that would prohibit the sliding doors from opening.
Door progress. Outside will be finished with white oak
A lovely little palace!
Every time I look at this POV, I imagine the grass inhabiting all of the bare spots...

August 7

While not as impressive as the previous day because I was expecting it in some regards, coming home on Wednesday found more completed progress on the stall walls and back door.

Daily shot from the porch
Dave fussing with the exterior of the back door which will have a chevron pattern because Dave gets real #extra about this shit lol
Cherry boards on the inside of the door
Progress on the stall walls. Those boards leaning are 14" wide and 14' long!
A beautifully complete stall wall. The knot on the top board is mirrored on the opposite stall wall's top board (center stall)
If you squint through the glare, you can see the mirrored knot on the top board. This was unintentional
Beautiful stall walls and a Kenai!
And a Taiga

August 8

I was running amok in preparation to depart for the long weekend, but I did grab a couple daily shots of the ongoing progress of finishing the exterior on the front of the barn. With luck, I'm going to return home to find the stalls further along and the exterior complete everywhere except for under the eaves (which will be cedar shingles, I believe) and under the overhang.

The front is evolving!
Can't wait to come home to a finished front...

: : : : :

In addition to barn progress this week, I have to share that in the week that the horses were home, I rode not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES. I knew getting the horses home would result in more riding, but to begin settling into that reality is far sweeter than I imagined! I rode all three horses, Grif 3x and Q and Stan once each.

Grif received a bit more attention purely because he expresses a much greater need to play and burn energy than either of the other two. In an effort to keep the peace among the little trio, it seemed prudent to provide that playful energy an outlet that doesn't result in poor Stan or Q having to put up with his persistent requests.

The first view from behind one set of ears
A different view and different ears on a different sunset evening
And a third view behind a third set of ears
Striking out along a lovely new trail
Sun rays as viewed from behind my favorite chestnut ears
This mare's stellar hooves thrill me to no end. She was striding out so confidently on the gravel!
Listening ears on top of the world Wednesday evening
Just a walk in the neighborhood!
Morning vistas
And one of the best views of all!

It has been SO NICE to get back to riding after a nearly two month hiatus. I'm starting to figure out new training loops and am putting my previous day dreaming about where I could create new trails to practice. It's the best kind of meditation after a long day - and the best way to forage for berries and mushrooms! There's still a lot of summer left, and I am thrilled to get out, explore on horseback, and make the most of the beautiful weather.


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