Monday, May 18, 2020

Peaceful Springtime Scenery

Just a few shots from my hike yesterday in Otter Creek Wilderness. Enjoy!

2020 Quarantime_40
Columbine. I love the shape of this flower.
2020 Quarantime_43
Taiga photobombing me.
2020 Quarantime_42
The shot I thought I was getting.
2020 Quarantime_44
Emay, Kala, and Kenai!
2020 Quarantime_46
This creek is so stunningly gorgeous.
2020 Quarantime_47
Not the greatest shot, but a gorgeous maidenhair fern. 
2020 Quarantime_50
Undercut rocks
2020 Quarantime_52
Simply magic
2020 Quarantime_59
Taking in the beauty and so overwhelmingly grateful that this is only a 20 min drive on a 1 lane road from my house.
2020 Quarantime_71
Old rock wall where the RR grade was
2020 Quarantime_80
Wild and curious little husky
2020 Quarantime_74
Wild and curious big husky
2020 Quarantime_94
More columbine
2020 Quarantime_97
And one more columbine shot


  1. I took some Columbine photos in a state park a few weeks back, only I didn't know the name 😁 so now I've learned something! Lovely photos, as always 😍

  2. aw looks so peaceful out there <3 <3 <3

  3. so pretty, love the old rocks. And columbine, I have a giant naturalized patch (that came from one plant I had!), gets bigger every year!

  4. Lovely!! I can almost smell the fresh air out there! And hear all the birds...and the husky splashing around. lol

  5. So gorgeous! It looks so green and fresh.