Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Peak

We've hit peak colors here in the area.  Enjoy these shots I snagged this weekend!  I love the Mountain State!

Route 33 East
Route 32 North
Canaan Valley State Park (where I will be spending my winter as a Nat'l Ski Patroller)
Mountain on right is part of my ski resort
Zippin' up a back road
Lonely color; sugar maples tend to do this around here.
My favorite capture of the day
Dolly Sods Wilderness
Dolly Sods is situated high atop a mountain and has very unique landscapes and flora/fauna; can you just IMAGINE what the landscape must have been like hundreds of thousands of years ago to leave all these rocks in such a high elevation area?  Not to mention the degree of erosion that has occurred to make the Appalachians the height they are now...they are said to have been the biggest mountains in the world - ever.
Such a happy dog
A rare photo of me!
Winding back home

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  1. Um, ok. I need to move to West Virginia. Oklahoma looks really boring.

    Also, I had a husky question for you! My parents is 9 and super grouchy now (he tried to bite Joel Saturday) and they thought they only lived to be about 10 so he was on his last leg. Do you know?