Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lovely Blog Award

 Jordan and Laura have both nominated me for this award [thank you, thank you!] and it seems its going around like wildfire so instead of “nominating” others I will follow Laura’s lead and simply post out 15 of my favorite reads for others to hopefully find interest in:

3.       A Work in Progress

4.       Brays of our Lives

5.       Color Me Katie

6.       Drafts with Dots

8.       Eventing a GoGo

9.       Fit Foodie Finds

12.   Kissing Frogs

And now the obligatory 7 things about myself!

-          I am a GIS guru; I never thought I’d enjoy sitting inside at a desk, but mapping makes everything better for me!

-          I love to knit – seasonally.  I’m a hat wizard, and my newest joy is knitting kids hats, its like instant gratification – since they’re so small they finish so quick!

-          Spiders freak me the hell out. 

-          Snakes do not.

-          Murky water scares the hell out of me also, I think it’s a “fear of the unknown” bit; its part of the reason I quit whitewater kayaking.

-          I sold my whitewater kayak in order to buy my dog.

-          Microsoft Excel and I are not friends.  Oh, and Citrix is a dirty word.
And an extra, because its on TV right now; the new Sonic hotdogs SUCK and are NOT as good looking as the commercial makes them appear!

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  1. You would hate, hate, hate swimming in Oklahoma lakes. I do too. Our mud is red and our lakes are a murky brownish-red color and you basically can't see more than an inch or so into the water. I think it's SO freaky because you don't know what lurks below!