Thursday, May 10, 2012


He's so awkward in some way in each photo.  I think the middle one has him at a stage where things appear most proportional.  But in the other two he's got something growing ahead of the rest of him to catch up to.  He's a happy kid though.  Two boss horses that were in the prevent-Founder paddock are now back out in the field with everyone.  And there are two or three additional horses over to eat grass for a few weeks.  Happy herd of playing horses galloping around on 40 acres.  I'm glad Griffin has lots of friends of many ages to play with - and I'm happiest that the bosses are back in the field to squeal and kick and teach him lessons.  He really needs his ass kicked.

: : : : :

I'm formally going through my "Countdown to Broke" book now as I work with Griffin. I like structure and this book provides it.  While I'm uncertain at what age I'll officially start him under saddle, I do know that I want him to be fully established with as much as possible prior, and this book sets a pretty strong foundation.

G-man is doing very well with all he's learned.  I'm very proud of him.  And it really makes my heart soar when he chooses to follow me around after I've ended our session.  I'm happy I've earned his trust as a leader now.  Granted I still doubt myself at times - I'm learning, too!

: : : : :

I really need to get on the ball and start teaching him to ground drive, but honestly, the thought of doing it intimidates the hell out of me because I know so little about it!  Granted, it would make our runs more interesting.  Me doing my whole fitness thing while driving him along in front.  The neighbors will REALLY think I'm crazy then...

"Walt, did you see that girl driving her horse?"
"No, honey, why?"
"It was the strangest thing, she was doing it all wrong.  I'm pretty sure the person is supposed to sit in a cart, not run behind the horse...."

Yep, that's how I see it.  Ah, well, to each her own, right?

I do have a surcingle and reins in my possession.  I shall read up on a few articles one last time and dive into this pursuit on Sunday.

: : : : :

I've put out my feelers to find a horse to ride for the endurance ride in August.  (Any of you folks want to travel to WV for our ride?!  I guarantee beautiful scenery, a HUGE area for ride camp, awesome food, and a swimming hole!)

Looking down on basecamp the day before the ride.
Dinner and a bewildered child.

The lady who is in charge of the race is well connected and said she was sure she could find a horse for me to ride.  I told her I'd happily ride the 30 or the 50 dependent upon what kind of horse was available.  She asked my preference for riding in the front, middle, or  back of the pack.  I told her it honestly didn't matter as long as I had a horse who was capable of completing it soundly.  But I also mentioned that if there's a capable fast one, I wouldn't say no to a speedy good time.

This is exciting news for me.  I hope something works out.  I will be beyond giddy.


  1. hrrrrrm. honest opinion. Think I could get miss mare face into good enough shape to possibly try the 30 mile? Not to win obv- but to compete and have her finish without being miserable? The land they're on is ideal for training... resembles what stanley trained on.

  2. OH MY GOD a whole hog. You're killin' me. I have not had BBQ in almost three years; I'm not eating "barbeque" from some craptacular chain.

    Um. Horses. Griffin looks so cute! Yay on catch riding! You'll have a blast.