Friday, December 28, 2012

Let the Madness Begin!

Y'all like pictures right? Because I predict a lot of picture posts in my future. My down-time is about to be seriously reduced into nothingness.

Beginning tomorrow the madness begins. The resort opens and I will be working 62 hours up there within a weeks time. Oh, did I mention this is in addition to my job-job that is full time? Total paid hours worked between two jobs from 12/29 - 1/6 will be 89.  

89 hours.

On the mountain Sat, Sun, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun. In the office on all the in between days. Yay for holidays and every other Friday off.

I will have some KILLER AWESOME legs by the end of this. And probably a sizable dose of ibuprofen in my system for a day or two. Crash course to awesome telemark skiing here I come. Last year's goal was getting comfy on my tele legs, this year's goal is getting solid and throwing down. (By the way, for those non-ski readers, telemark skiing is when your heel is free and you can bend your knee. This is different from Apline skiing where your heel is locked in. Wikipedia here.) The only downside to ski season is that any tall riding boot will cease to fit due to my calf muscles getting jacked. Ah well, I'll sacrifice.

Substitute my blue jacket with a red/black one with white crosses and you'll find me on the mountain!

Anyone want to come ski?


  1. Geesh! Dont't forget to make time for breathing in there somewhere;)

  2. Love it!!! Haha! I totally have the same problem with tall boots. I even have one calf larger than the other.. good times in fitting dress or riding boots.