Friday, March 7, 2014

Feburary Goal Review; March Goal Creation


  • Continue to pursue maintaining her calm demeanor: SUCCESS. Now, with the return of a heat cycle in the warmer months...will this continue?!
  • Continue with further work in side reins and dressage exercises US: SUCCESS. The bulk of work Q did this month incorporated these things.
  • Begin lateral work: FAIL. Forever a fail. Maybe March is the month?!
  • Continue bareback and bridless work: FAIL. No time.

  • Get out onto the trails more: SUCCESS! So many trails. Total of 9.5 miles on the trail.
  • Walk-trot consistency US with bridle: I incorporated the bridle into all of our rides over the sidepull halter, but have yet to attach reins to the bridle.
  • Continue work in side reins: SUCCESS. Not quite as many sessions as I hoped, but we were fairly consistent given my schedule. His strength is building.
  • Walk-trot poles during non-US work: SUCCESS. Every ground session in side reins included ground poles.

March Goals

  •  Further work with dressage concepts
  • Introduction to more lateral work
  • Lots of miles
  • HIIT workouts in prep for our ride at the end of April
  • More trail miles
  • More work with bridle without having a fit while US
  • Much more time in side reins to build strength

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