Friday, March 21, 2014

Horses Lately: A Photo Journal

a GIF of Griffin after a 7½ mile ride; he's on a slight incline

The day after our creek excursion, stockings are still white!

Griffin with super suave Fabio hair after waking up

My friend Chelsey rode Griffin on the 7½
mile ride last week; he was a very good boy
for her! I'll be making his lime green halter
bridle this week.

Pommel pack and full seat sheepskin!
I'm pretty excited for ride season this year

Q-bee navigating the trail

Can't wait for all this fuzz to be GONE.

Feed me?

Watching the border collie herd the horses

Sharing a moment.

Grinnin' big with my girl...while Griffin works on traveling to China behind us.

Still watching the damn dog be ridiculous

Horses who roll together (on an incline) stay together!

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