Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goals: March Review, April Aspirations

  • Further work with dressage concepts: Didn't really work on this at all. We spent more of the month focused on trails, miles, and adventure.
  • Introduction to more lateral work Finally crossed off! Saiph worked on this with Q some in MD. She does it well in hand from the ground. The only time she does it under saddle right now is when she wants to go somewhere and you don't want her to go there. She does beautiful lateral movement to resist going the direction her rider desires!
  • Lots of miles: Ended up with ~60 miles for the month
  • HIIT workouts in prep for our ride at the end of April: Not as many HIIT workouts as I'd have preferred, but we did do several. Would have liked to have done 2 more.
  • More trail miles: Yep. ~30 miles for the little guy! His reliability increases by the mile it seems! I'm very thrilled with him.
  • More work with bridle without having a fit while US: Super duper success! He's maturing mentally and having fewer outbursts. He also seems to recognize that its not the end of the world when he *has* to listen to me. Still very much a baby brain, but he's definitely made huge progress!
  • Much more time in side reins to build strength: Eh. We did ZERO session in side reins this month.
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April Goals

  • Stay healthy, sound, and fit approaching our 50 at the end of the month
  • Taper accordingly 
  • Have a safe 50 miles at No Frills

  • Build more miles onto his base
  • Spend time in side reins
  • Advance skill US with bridle

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