Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All In A Week

Melina, author of The Wilder Coast, does an entry she calls "All In A Week" where she posts photos of memorable moments from the previous week. She's been busy with school this fall and is now doing "All in Two Weeks", but the concept is the same. Some are just photos she took, but often they are from her Instagram.

I'm struggling of late with finding the motivation to write much on the blog, but I do want to share things all the same, so I am going to start publishing "All In A Week" posts each week.

This week, the post corresponds with a day that was previously used for Wordless Wednesday; I may do this instead of WW for the future, or I may flop around. It's hard to say at the current time.

1. Car repairs to the tune of ~$700  2. A new, still unopened stretch of highway  3. West Virginia showing off her colors  4. Atticus and Hodor spoon when they sleep  5. Siberinese husky  6. Firelit nights with missed friends  7. Quiet moments with Kenai on the way to the crag  8. Tiny box turtle cameo  9. Summersville lake showing some color  10.  Leading for the first time in a year  11. Hat knitting  12. Clipping a bolt as on the second lead of the same climb a day later

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