Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Kenai's Hair Regrowth

October 19, 2014 on top
August 14, 2013 on bottom.
A lot of change and a lot of improvement, and yet, over a year later that hair still isn't 100% normal. The undercoat is in, but the guard hairs are struggling to return. I totally understand that shaving him was necessary in order to perform a surgery that increased his quality of life for the rest of his life, but dealing with the hair regrowth has definitely been interesting.

There are bald spots in areas still! He's on fish oil and another supplement that has Omega 3's and various other good things for coat, joint, and digestive health in addition to being on some of the better food on the market. It's just a process it seems. I can only hope that the guard hairs have returned by the time the snow flies as without them he ends up with major ice ball accumulation in his hair that he then pulls out in an attempt to free himself from the ice. If the guard hairs haven't returned by snowfall and we're dealing with ice balls I will be forced to make him wear pants when he's outside in the snow for extended periods until the hairs grow in.

Let Kenai serve as the poster child for reasons why you should not elect to voluntarily have your double-coated dog shaved!!

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