Thursday, January 29, 2015

SMtT: Equestrian Scavenger Hunt

Okay Lauren, here's the In Omnia Paratus version of your scavenger hunt...

The most magical Friesian of all the Friesians
My neighbor's stallion - Bart
A 10+ jumper
Q jumping for 300+ elementary a playground
A horse we can all call SHENANIGANS! on...

The (best) WORST clip job
When I hogged Griffin's mane down once and for all....eep
The cutest miniature horse on the planet
Charlie and his girl...not sure who is cuter.
Bitchiest. Mare. Ever.
Q's snake face. Yep. It happens.

Funniest horse meme/cartoon.
Griffin and Kenai when they were shamed.
The most matchy McMatcherson outfit
We win with the orange! lol
A most saintly creature
Odie really is the saintliest. Three idiots and he's all business.
The Black Stallion Returns....2015 style
Saiph has captured my Black and I. This moment was especially akin to moments Alec had with the Black throughout the books.

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