Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All In A Week

1. Daily office dog. Four frequent the office at different times. This is 4 mo. old Daisy.  2. Friday Night Mountain Top Supper Club - fancy with a candle and tablecloth for Italian night!  3. Note all the zippers and associated layers necessary to survive -19°F prior to windchill calculations.  4. I ended up being "head feathers" / "hill chief" for an hour on Saturday; this means I directed ski patrollers around the mountain to respond to certain incidents and kept track of folks.  5. But most of the time I was skiing Saturday because it DUMPED 16" of snow in <24 hours. Epic, epic, epic powder day!  6. Cards Against Humanity for Saturday night shift.  7. The Man Angel salute; this is my second family getting post-work aprés-ski beers.  8. So humble it hurts <3  9. Kenai living a rough life.  10. A series of screenshots from snaps I sent to Mandy and Saiph: "My car wasn't enough to get to the house"/"Beer is almost gone"/"Kenai and I are growing bored"  11. Shoveling through the 4' of snow on the porch.  12. Begging for treats.  13. Balance exercises at work.  14. The rough life of our office pet, Ralphie.

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