Saturday, March 26, 2016

Grey Status

While it's true Q is getting most of my time of late due to more concrete goals approaching in the near future, I'm still riding Griffin as much as my schedule allows.


And he's doing really well for the most part.

Griffin 2016
Griffin 2016

He definitely came through this winter better than any winter yet.

Griffin 2016

Griffin 2016

I think it's safe to say he's finally an "adult" horse. For whatever that's worth!

Mentally though, he's still a baby, and I expect that to continue for a few more years. At least his body is done growing though!

While he still has his Special Moments, they're few and far between these days. I'm really please with how much he has become "ol' reliable" the majority of the time. It isn't just any 5 year old horse you can trust with a 4 - now 5 - year old kid!

Yes, he's wearing a "Happy Birthday" crown for her party.

His biggest and worst shenanigan of late though?



I'm pretty certain he wasn't alone in his efforts to destroy his blanket to this degree. But I really wasn't pleased to arrive at the barn to find that he and the rest of the herd (except the 20 year old SE Arabian and Q) pounding what was left of the blanket into the dirt. 

He's been exceptionally playful of late. I've watched him egg some of the other mares into play fights, rock and roll around the field with the gelding closest in age to him, bully the 20 year old gelding incessantly, and even jump/pounce onto Q with his front feet while she was trying to roll after a ride! What a SHIT! 

At least he's a pretty shit though...


Though I'm not entirely uncertain I won't let him freeze his ass off next winter. ;-) 

...I'll get him another blanket on Black Friday when they go on sale.


  1. Omg that blanket! That's insane!!

  2. There's definitely no saving that blanket!!! He is super gorgeous though.

  3. Ha that's some serious destruction! He does look great tho ;)

  4. Griffin has certainly come a long way. That blanket though!

  5. He is looking so grown up. What a punk he is though!

  6. Good grief Griffin!!! That is some insane blanket destroying skills! He is very cute though, so I guess we can't be angry at him hehe.