Monday, March 21, 2016


Two great rides in one week? I'd have never guessed.

Not the greatest photo representation, but I'm striving to take a photo after every ride this year.

Friday (before the snow settled in for the weekend) I had another amazing ride on Q. 5 miles longer than the first with 500 more feet of climbing than the first ride of the week. I was graced once again with a game horse that exhibited none of her spazzy spooking shenanigans. We even explored some new trails and found one new lollipop loop so far!

Dare I say it, I'm beginning to look forward to riding this horse again! I was never afraid of her, nor did I dread our rides, but I certainly didn't look forward to them with the childhood abandon I once did. The thought of having to ride out her spooking shenanigans just wasn't the most fun thought to entertain. Just because I *could* do something didn't mean I enjoyed it.

The return of a game, confident partner has me excited to put in the conditioning miles again! Spending hours in the saddle with a confident horse is much more enjoyable than hours in the saddle with one that's afraid of the world. And I'd venture to say Q is enjoying things more, too.

Vaccines and dental (if needed) are scheduled for tonight for both horses. We'll see about riding this week as it unfolds. I tend to give both horses some down time after their vaccines though because they're usually a little sluggish in the following days. And Q will get plenty of training miles in Canaan this weekend as I'm dragging her along to my second home for a weekend of riding with Dan.


  1. Totally agree with you there a confident horse is way more fun to work with. Sounds like a fun weekend

  2. so glad she's getting her mojo back and becoming more pleasant for conditioning rides!! you can kinda tell by her expression in that photo lol - she looks ready for more!

    1. ...or ready for her boyfriend to recognize her return to the property! haha

  3. Hmmm...riding a confident horse...I wonder what that feel like??

  4. I can't wait for Lily to be done with her first heat cycle of the season so that we can be back on this page again! ;)

  5. I kind of know how you feel. Nimo isn't as confident as he could be yet, but getting rid of 90% of the spooks makes things so much better! Glad to hear Q is her best these days and looking forward to seeing you at some rides this year!:)

  6. This post makes me so happy for you and Q!! :D