Monday, April 15, 2019

Over Exuberant

Lauren joined me yesterday for a fast 10-mile ride on the rail trail with Q and Griffin. It was a warm, rainy day that was surprisingly comfortable - even in a sleeveless shirt. The weather was perfect for a faster paced ride because the rain/clouds helped keep the horses cooler in their halfway state of shedding that nasty winter coat in favor of cooler summer attire.

Griffin was more "up" than he'd been in weeks under saddle. He's always such a lazy thing this time of year as he sheds. As a result, I greet the days he's full of himself with open arms. It's infinitely more fun to ride a forward, willing partner! From the moment we left the property, he was in front of my leg, eager, and interested in the work at hand. I put him in front to lead, his favorite place.

I've heard yellow socks are in this year......

We trotted the first 4 miles, gradually increasing our speed as the horses warmed up. At the 4-mile mark, I pushed Grif up into our first canter set of the day. I couldn't help but smile as he moved out with ease, pleased with both his eagerness to move out. As he settled into the canter, ears forward and happy, he seemed to only get stronger. His cadence didn't change, but it did become more powerful as we traveled down the trail. It was a complete joy to ride.

I brought him back to a trot as we approached the spot on the trail he always spooks (sheds are real scary, y'all). I turned to check on Lauren and Q to see how the little mare handled the fast pace* after we'd slowed to a trot. Lauren noted that she seemed just fine! Breathing a little heavier than she does at a trot, but nothing crazy at all.

*Q is always the slowest to shed her winter coat and has had an exceptionally hard time with our early, warm spring this year. I finally bib clipped her last week when her shedding stalled out. The clip seems to have been just what she needed, and I'm so happy to see her tackling things with ease again.


At the 5-mile mark, we turned and headed back, Q in the lead and Grif following. Lauren rode the little mare expertly as she powered forward in her gorgeous 10+ mph trot. It's always such a joy for me to watch others ride that little horse. She's so very athletic and places each foot with such care. I swoon every time I watch her.

As we reached the first big ½-mile straightaway on our return, I told Lauren, "If you're comfortable pushing her into a canter, feel free!" And they were off like a shot!

What was a canter quickly became a lovely gallop. I smiled at my little mare striding forward with happy ears. But I was only able to enjoy this scene for a moment before Grif devolved into what I can only describe as something akin to an over-exuberant frat boy trying to impress all of his best buds.

See, Grif has always had Opinions about being the "last" horse. As a youngster on group trail rides, he would immediately crumble in a grunty/squealy fit of [the most polite] crow hopping. He isn't actively trying to unseat his rider, but he very much wants that person to be aware of his Feelings about being last. Put him into second from last position and he immediately quits his shenanigans.

Looking so innocent post-ride.

When Q struck off, it took mere seconds before Grif fell heavy onto the forehand and into the bridle in an effort to charge forward to keep up and pass Q. As she sped up, so did he, and his excitement over it all got the best of him.

Grif: ERMAHGERD! ZOOMIES! I'M GONNA WIN THIS RACE! THIS IS THE. BEST. *tosses in a small wiggly buck*
Me: *growling* GRIFFIN. STOP. THAT. RIGHT. NOW. *tries (and fails) to get him regain any semblance of balance and sit back on his hind end*
Grif: NEVER! I AM THE WORLD'S FASTEST AND GREATEST AND MOST AWESOME. HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH! *performs more small airs above the ground in complete excitement*
Grif: IT IS THE MOST FUN! HAVE I SHOWN YOU THIS ONE? *lunging twisting something* WASN'T THAT AWESOME?!
Grif: *throws in a particularly large (for him) buck*

Lauren slowed down at this point, a bit alarmed by my screeching. Grif, who did slow to a trot, took this moment to prance merrily in front of Q, where he continued to lead us down the trail like a little gentleman now that he was in his preferred leading position.


He really wasn't trying to unseat me. He was just so very excited about the whole situation. And as scared/angry as I was that I was about to possibly hit the turf at 20 mph because my horse simply could not even, I was equally amused by it all. He's such a freaking dork.

We had two more canter (truly canter and not gallop) sets before our cool down. Grif was lovely for everything - even when Q took the lead. Maybe my squawking stuck with him? I'd like to think so. lol

Both horses cooled out quickly on the last leg of the ride and were completely pulsed down by the time we pulled their saddles. We let them enjoy a few minutes of grazing in the barnyard before turning them back out with the herd... whence Grif galloped off to the herd as if he hadn't just tackled a fast 90 minute ride. Ridiculous boy.


  1. Maybe it's something about big, goofy, grey geldings? I rode a friend's mustang a couple of weeks ago and had a near-duplicate experience, as he porpoise-leaped, wiggled, and squirmy-crowhopped his way through an uphill canter. Not trying to offload me...just being an exuberant goofball, but large and powerful exuberance isn't all that fun to try to ride out.

    1. It absolutely is not very fun to ride out! lol Especially at speed.

  2. Hahahahahahha! Gem refused to lead but also took everything above a trot as a race which was an interesting situation. No bucks but if I did let her pass I’d be in for an hell of a 180 degree dropped right shoulder turn as she relaxed that shit she was in front! Horses are silly. And dumb.

  3. Oh, Griff. Hahhaa. Glad he didn't manage to unseat you and was just having a good time, lol. What a goof!

  4. Lol totally agreed about maybe it being a big goofy gelding thing lol bc I feel like Charlie would be right there with Grif on this! Except damn 10miles in 90min sounds intense!!

    1. Charliesaurus airs above the ground would terrify me so much more with those extra 2 hands of height lol

  5. OMG that is so totally Irish. I love Grif.

    1. Our boys and girls can never meet one another, I've decided. It wouldn't help us out at all if they shared stories!

  6. The last horse in line usually dies first!!

    1. Tho if you ask Q the first horse SURELY dies first lol!!!

  7. Sounds like a fun ride - well, minus the wild man moves! lol

  8. I'm sorry, have you and Griffin been eavesdropping on my conversations with Goose?! That is SO relatable and your dialogue cracks me up! Glad he didn't actually unseat you, he obviously just had Big Opinions and had to be taken seriously.

    1. Bahahaha. Grif and Goose are never allowed to be IRL friends. Nope. They'd share too many ideas.

  9. LOL!! Maybe the grays are just dorks this spring!! I really think a big part of the reason Chrome was acting out is because he's not fat anymore.

    I'm glad the majority of the ride went great and that Q handled the heat well. Spring is so difficult with the wildly erratic temperatures. Are you guys getting a ton of rain too?

    1. Fortunately, we haven't had too much rain this spring. I'd say it's pretty average. Hoping the trend continues because we had a huge record breaking rain year last year and I'd simply rather NOT this year lol