Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hanna Barbera and other nonsense

Crystals of untouched snow glisten in the flood light, they beckon me to step in their perfection and set it askew.

Today was a busy day.  It began with some of this:

A dog named Tonka:

And a dog named Pickles:

And then some more of this:

With a nap in the middle:

And ended with a visit from two long lost brothers.  Not lost from each other, but from being in my life!  The younger I'd seen a month ago, the eldest...not for a year and a half.  Old friends.  Great people.  Its so strange to have "old friends" now.  It makes me feel old(er).  C'est la vie.  We talked and relaxed and watched old cartoons, Yogi Bear, Pixie & Dixie & Jinks, and Huckleberry Hound.  I miss Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Coming home is a great time to see my old high school friends though, and I always look forward to this time. I'm really happy to have two more weeks of it, too!  Even if my final semester in the spring will be something of a joke in comparison to those that came before, I'm not ready to go back.  Two more weeks of hanging with old friends, making deer jerky, tanning buckskins, and processing my skull mount...THEN I'll be ready to return for a final semester of education.  Yeah, this is the life.

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  1. That snow is beautiful! I'd love to move up to the Northeast! And I love your horse - so beautiful! I've never ridden one!