Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter gear must-haves

So this is my list of outdoorsy winter gear that I love and reasons why.  They are all linked to Backcountry or Moosejaw or other popular gear site.  (Note:  I rarely paid retail for any of these items.  In fact, most I received for 50% or MORE off!  I suppose the methods in which one could attain cheap gear is a topic for another day though.)

North Face Nuptse Booties
TOASTY, TOASTY, PIGGIES...  These boots are a new addition for this year.  I LOVE them.  I am someone who is absolutely cold blooded.  My toes and fingers especially are always freezing.  I had a friend in high school who I would always give my hands to for inspection in the morning to see if I was "alive" or not.  Dead cold, thats me.  (Sorry for my morbidity.)  But if you want WARM feet, these are DEFINITELY the boots for you!!
Great for: snowball fights, sledding, traipsing through the snow to class
Not for: long strenuous hikes

OR Verglas Women's Gaiters
SEE YOU LATER ALLIGAITOR...  So, I wear these pretty much all the time.  Whenever I don't wear my snow pants and there is snow, you can bet your bottom dollar I've got these suckers on!  Outdoor Research makes bomber stuff, guaranteed.

OR Neoplume Women's Jacket
KEEP YA HOT ENUFF TAH FRY AN EGG ON...  This synthetic down hooded jacket was a gift from my boyfriend last winter.  Its probably my most worn jacket of the four-ish soft-shell-related jackets I own.  Unfortunately, this jacket is older and will be hard to find in stock.
Great for: super cold, super windy days

Marmot Spire Women's Jacket
RRRAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNSSSSSSTTTTTTTOOOOOOORRRRRRMMMMMM.  My first (and only, for now) hard-shell.  I love it.  I love the bright blue color I got it in.  And, it has yet to let me down!  The giant visor on the easily adjustable hood are really great for those wet days you don't want water on your face.  The pit-zips are a phenomenal feature as well for those of us who are inclined to sweat lots.

Marmot Threshold
My first true-soft shell.  However, this jacket doesn't have a hood, which is really its only flaw.  I love it on those crisp, windless, fall/winter days.

Darn Tough SocksSmartwool Socks
DR. SCHOLS WOULD RECOMMEND...these sweet toe-warmers.  Both companies make pretty sweet socks.  I'm lucky enough to fit kids sizes in both so I can get them cheaper.  Its really a toss up as to who is better, so I'm recommending both!

Smartwool NTS Midweight Legging
OH MY GOD, BECKY, LOOK AT HER...merino wool leggings. I splurged and bought these for myself last week.  And can I say love?  I don't want to take them off!  They breath SO well, they're warm but not too warm, the wool is soft to the skin (unlike most), perfection!  I've done a short hike with them, and XC skied with them (paired with gaiters).  They are light enough to fit under a pair of pants too.  Perhaps not a tight-fitting pair of jeans, but anything else, definitely.

Mountain Hardwear Wicked Lite Tee
THE COLORS, DUKE, THE COLORS!  A perfect all-purpose base layer.  And they come in so many pretty colors!

Mountain Khaki Cottonwood Cords and Alpine pant
OH MOUNTAIN KHAKIS, HOW I LOVE THEE.  This company was started in Jackson, WY.  They make absolutely bomber pants for multiple occasions and I love, love, love, love all of them.  The cords and alpine pant are great winter pants.  The cords are a great around-town wear; they feel like pajama bottoms, they're THAT comfortable.  The alpine paired with a sturdy boot and gaiters, or XC ski boot and gaiters, make for great hiking/skiing attire.  They're super sturdy and put up easily with hiking through brush or briers.
Great for: fighting your way through a field of Rubus (blackberry bushes)

Patagonia Active Bra & Hipster Underwear
LOOK UNDER THERE! UNDERWEAR?  So there's underwear, and then there's UNDERWEAR!  And these are most certainly UNDERWEAR.  Breathable, double's as a swimsuit, quick-drying; and these are just a FEW of the words I have for these underwear.  They look great, too!  Forget Victoria's Secret.

Black Diamond Windweight Glove
TWISTER!!!....  A this year's Christmas present from Chris,these are already my go-to gloves to do anything in.  Windproof gloves are something I've always wanted but never had, and let me say this, THEY ARE FLIPPIN' SWEET.
Great for: biking to class in the 20-30 degree weather

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