Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roads? What roads? We don't need no stinkin' roads.

So that snow we were predicted to get?  Yeah, we got it.  And then some.  I definitely understand the need to not have school today.  Geeminee Christmas, the roads suck.  Rather, I suppose, the lack of roads.

Taken with my phone; this is the "big" road through my hometown.  5 lanes of chaos!

But I braved them and went and got my first real hair cut in, well, I don't know how long!  Its longer than its ever been, but it needed some TLC, mostly my dreaded bangs.  She fixed them up beautifully, framed my face, and gave me long layers.  I'm pretty much in love with this cut!  Winter is the time that I let my hair down and play nice with it, show it off some.  Summer time it spends its time stuffed under a hat while I'm out in the field or its pulled back while I partake in one of my many extracurriculars.  It needed some pampering.

Once I got back home I took the time to go outside and start Kenai on his skijoring training.  A loop or two around the yard with me on skis, then I took them off and we went on a walk/run with the skijoring setup.  He started to realize towards the end that pulling isn't a bad thing when his harness is on, I encourage it, not punish him for it.

Kenai frolicking before our outing.

Oh, and discovered Kenai HATES the vacuum.  Oh my, hilarious.  Baring his teeth, lips all wrinkled in disgust.  So comical.

He's truly not a mean dog, ever.  He's an absolute cuddle-bug.  I end up calling him Bug, Buggy, or Keeny-bug because he loves it so much.  He'll roll over on his back up against you in the crook of your arm.  Its adorable.  Biggest ball of loving fluff you ever did see!  He's obnoxious though.  I left for an hour or so to swim and he pestered poor mom while she was wrapping gifts.  

I think tomorrow will bring the thawing of deer meat to begin the makings of jerky.  I need to start finishing up the skull mounts too...  More on that tomorrow.

Hope your holidays are pleasant so far!

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