Thursday, January 20, 2011

Working my way back up the ladder of happiness

I'm out of my state of most-awful misery.  Now is time for being busy, making decisions, and bettering myself.  Getting the worst out of an awful situation.  And so far?  Its been good.

Tuesday night was a turn-around for me.  I haven't cried since Tuesday morning/afternoon sometime.  My appetite is back.  I'm constantly with friends, and I'm even talking cordially with the boy (and I think we might hang out this weekend).  I'm seeing old friends I haven't seen forever.  I have TIME to do this though, which is different from last semesters.  Not because of the lack of boy in my life, but because my course load has drastically decreased.  Its, well, pleasant.

  • Tuesday night was great.  I went out with my friend Dave, a fourth year dental student.  Needless to say, he's usually pretty busy.  So getting to go out to the bar with him and talk about random things in our lives was really fun.  I hadn't laughed so much in a really long time.
  • Last night I went over to my friend Sara's house.  She has a pup about Kenai's age.  They're best friends.  So while the pups played we made dinner and then watched "The Invention of Lying" or something like that.  I REALLY enjoyed the movie...but fell asleep near the end.  Just couldn't do it.  So I came home early and really got a good night's sleep.  First in awhile.
  • Today I swam a mile in the morning.  Had lunch at a little Japanese place with my friend Shawnna and talked about life's stresses and how they suck.  At 4p I met my buddy Mike at the wall (where boy was on shift working) and we climbed some laps.  Definitely good stuff.  I'm currently making dinner for myself (Tortilla Española) and then I'm off to visit Tay.  We plan to have an evening of wine, cheese, knitting, and a good movie.  Bring it.  I've been meaning to knit myself a hat for AGES and its time it got done.
  • Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my freshman year roomie and another good mutual friend of ours who is a first year med student.  I haven't seen either of them in a really long time so I'm really excited.  I don't have plans for the evening yet...but I hope to find something fun to do.  
  • Saturday night I'm headed to see Donna and the Buffalo with Shawnna at a local music joint.  It promises to be a night of crazy hippie dancing.  
  • Sunday is the WVU men's game vs. USF.  Hopefully we will play like real men and win this instead of pussin' around on the court like last night.  So frustrating.  Let's GOOO Mountaineers!

But beyond all of these activities with friends (which do have a considerable boost on my morale), I've made a big decision for myself regarding all things graduate school.  I've decided to stay east.  I thought my dream was to go out west; and the allure is still strong.  But unless they were to offer me a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity I fully plan on staying east.  Stick to my strengths.  Why go out there, where they don't really want me because they don't think I can catch up my flora and fauna identification knowledge?  Why play catch-up for several years and be looked down on just because I may not know as much?  I'll stay here, thanks.  Play to my strengths, exercise my growing expertise of the Appalachian region.  Virginia Tech for coyotes, WVU for bears, or the University of New Hampshire for bobcats.  Those are the opportunities I'm entertaining.  And I'm really excited about them.  I have an opportunity to really wow people over here with my experience thus far.  I really stand a chance to make something of myself.  And then, I can possibly score a job with a government agency which would allow me a lot of go play out west and elsewhere with.  That sounds good to me.

So, yeah, thats me and my life changing-ness.  I'm excited with my decision to stay here.  I think its the right one.  I have an interview with a WVU professor on Tuesday at 10a, wish me luck.  I hope I can wow him enough to be offered a position...  Goodness knows I need something positive to look forward to right now.

Kenai's really worried about me lately.  He won't leave me alone.  Absolutely HAS to be with me.  Isn't playing with his toys or chewing on his bone unless I'm with him.  And when I try to kick him out to get him to play he constantly looks in on me...

And, to end on an amusing wonderful morning hair yesterday...

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