Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 favorite things from this week

1. My nephews

2. New friends & funny faces


3. Old friends

4. Sweet hand-made earrings from a good friend (two pairs)

5. My beautiful dog... && how sympathetic he is to the plight of another...
   ((If you Youtube search "husky puppy hates crate" that's what he was listening to.))

6. My new felt cowboy hat (thanks Carly)


7. Caffeine - to aid me in lab report writing

8. Making funny faces (with the sweet earring artist)

9. Doggie helmets


10. Cleaning the worst stalls EVER

A foot of poop - four months worth.
I've never seen stalls so bad.

Gideon's stall.  He'll arrive tomorrow (hopefully!).

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