Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 before 30, kayaking, and monkey balls

Since I'm becoming a little more savvy with this whole blogger layout bit I added my 30 before 30 list to the side.  I'm constantly giving it tiny tweaks and defining my goals a little bit here and there, so bear with me.  The overall integrity of the thing is remaining the same.

This week ended up being pretty exciting on the photography front.  I tagged along with Chris and crew to Toyota Falls and got some great shots.

I'm OVER the whole me whitewater kayaking bit, evidence by the fact that I sold my boat and bought Kenai.  However, I love hiking into places and shooting the other crazies.  I love photography, I love the outdoors, and I love water.  I'm not completely against me participating in whitewater activities, I'm just not a super adept kayaker.  I learned how to roll fairly sufficiently.  I think I rolled in a rapid once.  But it just freaked me out.  Water is a powerful, powerful force.  I'm happy to play with it a little more from a shredder or a raft.  I just don't trust me and water one-on-one.  (Unless I'm swimming in a pool competitively...I'll kick your butt. no joke)

So, yeah, good times.  And congratulations Green Bay.  I'm certain my entire region will be pissed....but oh well.  The monkey on the Elvis Duran morning show was right again!  Greg T went to the Staten Island Zoo to meet with Grandpa, a 40 year old monkey.  He then proceeded to observe Grandpa as he played with his balls.  This would predict who one the Superbowl.  

There were a LOT of monkey balls jokes.  Amusing morning.  Grandpa picked the Packers though.

Anyway, I'm off to knit, sleep and awake to begin studying for my Animal Behavior exam on Wednesday (which I haven't begun to think about).  Bring on the double shot dirty chai(s) that will fuel my week!

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  1. Your blog is looking great! And I love that you're doing a list too! Encourages me to do some more work on mine today!