Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sushi, roadtrips, slacklining, and remote timers

Last Wednesday night two friends came over and we made this!

I was able to snag fresh salmon and tuna from Kroger along with some imitation crab, cucumber and avocado.  Add some wasabi mayo and sesame seeds to the mix and it was a pretty awesome night.  Jesse brought over his most recent home brew too.  Good times!

This past weekend Chris and I headed to my parent's to relax and goof around.


Chris made me a really awesome dinner Saturday night...

Sunday afforded us with some great weather and I got to play around with my birthday present from Chris, a Gibbon slackline!

Slacklining is the sport of balance and sometimes tricks all performed on a two inch piece of webbing.  You can watch some of the best in this video If you skip to the 4:00 mark the two shirtless guys that take turns I've actually met.  The one with the crazy hair I've actually seen in a metallic gold spandex onesie...don't ask.

 It was a really good time.  My balance improved within the first 30 minutes and I was able to walk 8 - 10 steps without coming off.  Even got a pivot turn-around in once.  Its going to be a GREAT way to build my core strength and my legs too.  I'm super excited.  My messed up ankles are even going to get a chance to have some therapy too because keeping my balance really works the area of my ankles that is majorly screwed up (thanks swim team).

Even though my birthday isn't until this Friday we kinda celebrated while I was home this past weekend.  Mom gave my the remote timer I'd asked for for my camera.  So  now I can do fun things like this!


I'm hoping this will make Christmas card pictures a lot less painful in the up-coming years.  Granted, I'm sure there will only be 2 - 4 more Christmas card photos that include my nuclear family due to my brother and I growing up and graduating college and moving on to jobs and the like.  The "family" card is more likely to be a collage of pictures of the four of us doing different things at different times.

Yesterday while struggling through an assignment for my graduate level course I realized just how burnt out I am from the whole of academia.  A semester/year/whatever off will be so great.  I'm really excited to just get a job and worry about waking up and doing daily things instead of giant assignments and butt-loads of readings to complete.  I've covered all my bases for potential summer jobs around home (so I won't have to pay room/board/food). I've got my name and CV in with people at Fish & Wildlife, DNR, and USFS.  Its nice to know people.  =)

The rest of my day promises to be full of scientific research articles and things that relate, a brief dog walk with 3 puppies and a new friend, some climbing, and some hold removal in preparation for the climbing competition this weekend.  Tomorrow is going to potentially be a very big day for me - and a strike off one of my 30 before 30 that I hadn't anticipated happening for several years.  So be prepared for a big post about it in the upcoming days.  Here's to crossing fingers that everything works out!  =)

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