Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pearl and Feathers

So, riding Pearl? I didn’t get tossed. Booya. But boy, oh, boy was she a royal pain in the ass. Constantly attempting to turn and go home despite her other pony friend being on the trail in front of her. Doing all she could to avoid popping up into a canter. Trotting rampant off the side of the trail and trying to commit suicide with me on her back off the steep edge of the railroad grade. Um, NO, Pearl. I don’t have a death wish, thanks. As a result my left arm is sore from trying to keep her turned way off the edge since she had more of a death wish as we returned to the barn. She managed to freak herself out at one point though, giant culvert pipe sticking out the side of the hill she wanted to toss me down and she’s all OHMYGODITSGONNAKILLME while I’m all OHMYGODGETYOURASSONTOLEVELGROUND.

Yep, it was wonderful.

Nonee on her pony Nanny had a great ride. Hooping, hollering, speeding to and fro. I enjoyed watching her while my not-so-faithful steed put me through my paces. In the end Nonee demanded I ride Nanny awhile so I could have some fun, too. And then Nonee proceeded to put Pearl through her paces in a way I was unable to. FAIL on my part. Shown what’s up by a 10 year old. But I’m cool with it. She’s a fab rider and I love spending time with her.

Now, onto another subject – feather hair extensions & jewelry.

I’m bringing this up purely because I took the time to fix and adjust my own feathers last night and thought I should share this fun, "natural" fashion trend with everyone.

Please excuse the crappy ipod quality photo

This trend may or may not have reached your community recently, its taken mine by storm. A lot of the little girls in the 4-H horse club I help with have them now. Ironically, for the first time in my life I was way ahead of the curve with a trend. A friend of mine visited Boulder, CO this time last year and came back and decided to start exploring into the world of feather extensions and beyond. After buying up a TON of supplies she started experimenting on some of her friends and fellow rock climbing females [aka moi]. The idea of feather hair extensions caught on in our town like wildfire. Literally, it was crazy how quick everyone suddenly wanted them. The salons were quick to push my friend out of the spotlight, but that was fine because she’d moved onto bigger and better feather crafts. EARRINGS! Check her stuff out here, it’s beautiful, hand made, and makes great gifts. The wire is bent and hammered by her as she designs beautiful ways to show off the natural beauty of the materials she uses.  Seriously, check it out.

I leave this afternoon for Morgantown and my weekend.  Majorly looking forward to it.  I hope yours is wonderful, as well!

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you're looking at change." -Dr. Wayne Dyer

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  1. A friend of mine just got a feather! I haven't seen it a lot in Oklahoma but I've seen it on TV and such. Yours looks great!