Sunday, September 11, 2011


A relaxing evening at the camp
I had high aspirations to write a lengthy post about everything that has gone on, but as more things keep happening and happening, the likelihood of that is becoming slimmer and slimmer.  So here's the bulleted version:
  • Morgantown bound last weekend.  Visited with so many people and had a hands down amazing time.  I sucked at partying and going out when I was in college, but I seem to be better now considering my bedtime of 5am on Saturday morning!  (Gibbies for drinks, Bent for mad dancing, and onward with more friends for a cool down.)  Win.  And I wasn't even drunk and therefore didn't have to combat a nasty hangover.  Double win.
  • Hotdogs are a completely acceptable breakfast.
  • Drove to Elkins,  then to my cabin on Saturday for my dad's birthday/to see family for the weekend.  Intended on staying the night there and hitting up some Purple Fiddle action, but sleepiness over took me and I drove home and conquered 12 hours of sleep.  Booya.
Mini-tour of our cabin; family built it/re-built it in the late 80s after the first burned down

Kenai wanted a charred stick but was afraid to get it
Family and friends

The high elevation fields and mountains of WV where our cabin is

Just chillin' on a back road

  • Woke Sunday morning with the realization that I had another two days of weekend and Elkins was presenting me with nothing to do.  So, spur of the moment, I drove BACK to Morgantown for the WVU vs. Marshall football game.  I had no ticket but I did tailgate for a bit and then ran into a friend I hadn't seen in two years and watched the game w/ him at his friend's place.  We got hungry and decided to walk the 6 blocks to my car midway through the 3rd quarter - oops.  Rain, hail, lightning, thunder & me screaming expletives at the sky as hail pelted my bare legs.  (WVU's game ended up have 4+ hours of rain/lightning delay and Marshall defaulted the win to WVU, 33-13)  Yeah, it was a good time.  Hilarious.  I haven't been thoroughly soaked by rain in a long time.  Loved it.  We finally got into my car, got across town, and snagged showers and some food at his friend's house then headed out for a sushi dinner a little while later.
Ravi drenched
Drenched, but happy!
Om nom nom nom
  • I ended the evening crashing at my friend Jack's place with him and his buddy.  Chilling and watching movies on that rainy night was just what I needed.
  • It basically rained from Saturday - Thursday here.  Boo.
  • Rain brought cooler temps.  Yay.
  • Sickness struck me down Tuesday morning.  Tonsils swollen.  Queasiness started to ensue.  Went to work for a half day and came home.  Ended up being out of work all week until Friday late morning.  Fever, strep, nausea, puking.  It was glorious.  NOT.  Despite being loaded down with tylenol I still had a fever of 101.5.  Blech!  And NOTHING I ate would stay down for two days.  My food love has returned.  And I have a renewed sense to work out and be in shape after lying in bed for three-ish days.  Must. Move.
Cows in the road; how many points should I get for hitting it?  'Cause I may or may not have grazed one at a balmy 5mph

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