Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

The "warm up" jump.  Don't hate on my ghetto chairs and poles; gotta make my limited resources work for me.
So, folks, if I have him canter in instead of trotting, will his take-offs get more coordinated?
Artsy fartsy shot;  Chris was my photographer.  Thanks, dear.
Oh, hey there bareback pad.  I see where I could connect stirrups to you, but I'm happier without.
Yes, I fully plan on focusing on my elbows next time.  That just looks silly.  But hey!  My head is up and forward!
Laughing at Chris.
Lopsided Liz.  Evident from my cock-eyed elbow.  
And I suppose my elbows are now far too hyper-extended.  At least I never jerked on his mouth?  Sigh.
Taking a break; making Christopher ride.
Aaanndd then he decided to mock me with a stick horse.
Stan: "You want me to do WHAT?!"  The fences were necessary as he would blatantly ignore the barrels otherwise.
I like to call this "the swerve"
The first fly-over.  Can you tell I'm just as surprised?


  1. Bareback jumping. What could be better than that.

  2. Love a bareback ride/jump. I agree, no stirrups on bareback pads! I have to say; those folding chairs make me SUPER nervous!!! Eeeeks but ride safe and dont knock over :)