Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yoga updates

I've been good about getting in my daily yoga-ing so far!  I'm noticing how certain things are already getting easier.  I've always been naturally flexible, so when the video (YouTube) says to try the "more advanced" version I can often do it.  But I'm careful to not strain myself beyond my level.  I don't want to risk injury.

Chaturanga was impossible for me the first several days.  I was pathetic.  Now, its still not where it should be, but I'm not flopping onto the ground like a dead fish.  Improvement!

My ankles (my weakest point) are getting stronger from the numerous exercises.  I LOVE the standing balance poses for this.  Swimming - go figure, a non-contact sport - ruined my ankles.  (I was originally planning to start running and was thwarted by this...maybe after yoga.)

Canaan Valley - where I'll patrol this winter
I love looking at all the advanced poses and dreaming of the day I can do them.  Bakasana, or the crow pose, is the hardest hand balance move I've tried thus far.  I managed to stay in it for all of 1-2 seconds and was thrilled.  

The two-feet-on-the-ground balancing poses that stem out from triangle or warrior (ones with one arm in the air) I have fallen over from a couple times.  Not sure what's going on there.

Focusing on my breathing, choosing a single point to focus on to aid my balance and focus helps tremendously. I'm having quite a fun time.  The more balancing the better.  Yay Yoga!

And in addition to my home workouts, Wednesday nights are now Liz-goes-to-yoga-class nights.  Here's to improvement!

Canaan resort on the right; Timberline on the left.


  1. This is awesome,,,u are inspiring me to reconfigure my home office so I can yogameister a little in the mornings.

  2. Yoga is something I'd really like to try. Stunning photos, btw.