Friday, June 13, 2014

Kenai, Atticus, Hodor

Because my life couldn't be busier right now (work is crazy, I've been on travel for work for 3 weeks in 3 different places, I had the club ride to prep for and help put on, the OD is this weekend...), I'm going to schedule a series of posts with some backlog media from the past week or two for your viewing pleasure.

Always guarding his food because he is convinced the cats will take it.
He goes in his crate with the door open *just to be safe*.
Om nomnomnomnommmm. Mike was making Atticus be a "show cat". Atticus took the time to eat fingers.
Kenai photobombed.


This is how Atticus likes to sleep with me. By sitting on my chest/neck/face. Le sigh.

Hodor had JUST moved his paw off of Kenai's. <3

What's that? You're trying to cut this to prep it to make a saddle cover?
Oh, let me HELP. -_-

Strange sleeper....

Cuddling SO HARD.

I'd placed Ashke's halter-bridle out for

Kenai just doesn't get it.

Kenai at the office with me sporting his new Dublin Dog collar.

And his Dublin Dog nomad pad. This thing has a rubber/plastic polymer bottom and rolls up like a sleeping pad.
You all can expect a Dublin Dog giveaway on this blog in the near soon as my life calms down a little bit. :-)

I got up in a hurry one morning, a flurry of things I needed to complete before rushing out the door.
 I didn't have time to let Kenai out *immediately*. So in the 2 minutes I was out of bed doing a couple things, he stole it.
This is so very UNLIKE my husky dog that I couldn't help but laugh and take photos.

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