Monday, June 23, 2014

Loch Ness Horse

Since spring when Mike and I began our creek shenanigans with the horses I've wanted to explore how deep one of the holes was. The water had lacked clarity to tell with the eye though, and the weather hadn't been warm enough to merit an actual dip.

Saturday evening though, the circumstances were in my favor.

Mike and I had hiked up to the top field to fetch Q and Griffin; it was my first time hiking up the hill via the horse trails and not the human one...and wow. STEEP. No wonder my critters don't mind hill climbs!

When we crested the hill the horses spooked, not expecting to see humans. They galloped circles around us for a time before settling and coming to investigate. Mike haltered and hopped on Qbee while I haltered and led Griffin over to the gate. Once through the gate, I hopped up on Griffin and the four of us with Kenai headed down the hill (via the road which isn't so steep!)

We'd considered doing a rail trail ride, but with storm clouds barring the view of the windmills already, I nixed that idea.

When we reached the creek, we rode up it. If it was going to rain, what was a little extra water gonna hurt?

Griffin led with Q and Mike following.

When we reached the area of the "mystery" hole, I was surprised that the water was clear enough (with the aid of my polarized glasses) to see the bottom! I estimated it to be no more than 5' deep. Nice gravel/cobble bottom. Good footing. The right descending bank into the water did have a steep cut into it, so it would be best to stay either in the trough area or on the bank above. The left descending bank is composed of trees/rootballs.

I turned around to Mike to convey the information about the underwater cut in the bank, and then guided Griffin right down into the deep part of the creek, giggling all the while.

I took him through it several more times, and Mike got Q to tackle it once, though she was visibly less amused than Griffin - such a serious little girl!

Mike filmed Griffin and I during two of our goes.

Hope to find a river area for more thorough swimming with the horses later this summer =)

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