Monday, July 18, 2011

Broken, bouncing, and building

Last night I had an emotional break down.  A few key things triggered it, but overall it was due to a lot of stuff building up around me.  I have been booking myself way too tight for the past month.  Its killing me & I need to change it.  I've been reassessing some things and I've had a couple beautiful opportunities fall into my lap today when I was still feeling so down and confused.
Things are bouncing back up now.  Its going to be a few days before I know for certain - building in the right direction is encouraging though.  I hate that I had to break down to such a low point before I was able to build back up though.  I mean, I'm not out of the woods yet.  But I'm getting there for certain.  I need to practice things from Nina's class to keep my emotional and mental health in better shape.  I'm loads better than I used to be, but I still have work to do.

A preview of hopeful things to come
Today at work - for the first time ever since I started on June 5 - I was busy all day long until right around 5p when I finally completed what I had been working on.  Thats right, one big project that took up the whole day!  Craziness.  And I have a respectable pile of stuff to do later in the week.  AND I'm going to be in the field the next two days!  What is this nonsense?!  I don't really mind it, honestly.  The day passed SO much quicker.  I usually get to 1:30p and beg for the arrival of 5:30p but time never passes quick enough.  I only had a half hour to whittle away today.  Not too shabby at all!

NOT looking forward to this week/weekend however!!

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  1. Well yay for new opportunities! I hope one or more pan out for you! Good luck!

    And thank you for your awesome offer! I'll get right on that! I'll also teleport to your next of the wood for the weekend since it'll likely be back up to 109 here like it was last Saturday. Ew.