Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Factoid blippits

  • ·         1812 Overture & Stars and Stripes Forever + fireworks + being at one of America’s most notable battlefields of all time [Antietam] makes for a memorable holiday experience

  • ·         Chuck E Cheese isn’t quite as fun as it used to be, but still quite enjoyable as a 20-something
  • ·         The percentage of people near to me who are truly in-touch with reality is strikingly low
  • ·         750mL of bubbly can be consumed in a few short hours by one person
  • ·         Sushi & extreme holiday-sale shopping can combat all evils (hurrah for NY&Co & Banana Republic)
  • ·         Artsing and craftsing my own horse tack is possible
    nom nom-ing on some alfalfa
  • ·         More pros added to the Liz-shouldn’t-have-kids category – don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy playing with most children, but too many drive me mad; I like rescuing their parents for a brief stint and being able to return said children later.  However there are three kids entwined in my life right now that I love to death
  • ·         My horse thinks he is a mountain goat
  • ·         Wood thrush calls are completely magical (
  • ·         A misty woodland dusk ride alone with my horse restores all happiness and calms all stress
  •  ·        Chip, our not-really pet Eastern box turtle is back for the ump-teenth year in a row to lay her eggs again
  • Orion is capable of cantering for 4 straight miles and being barely out of breath!  Hurrah!
  • Throwing up while on horseback is possible - I don't suggest chugging Sprite, Gatorade, or eating two sandwiches prior to doing hard riding (lol)
  • Blogger --> Google blogs?  Blogger is so much more fun to say though....
  • Construction. SUCKS.
  • Found my niche at work; bring it on!  So happy to be busy at work.  =)
  • But weekends are still the best - this one begins my off the grid weekends followed by only photos or nothing

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