Thursday, June 30, 2011

pow pow pow (firework noises)

First and foremost, my equine update:
Training is going well for the endurance race.  My new goal for the race is to finish in the same time (or less) that I did on Stan in 2007.  I don’t know if it’s a good time or a bad time or whatever, but I know how we raced before and I know I’m capable – and Orion is capable – of doing that same pace.  Orion is a lot like Stan in his temperament and attitude about doing things.  He is cranky – though not as much as Stan – in a ring, alert in the woods, and more fun to ride alone than with other horses.  Both horses are capable of being boogie-masters and running crazy fast, but won’t unless requested.  Both are super mellow around people and most random things (I haven’t found Orion’s kryptonite yet, Stan’s were big yellow school busses and white geese).  The similarities between the two horses are very interesting to me.  The differences only exist with their past history and with body type.  Orion is a work in progress while Stan was great from day one.  Ah well, time will tell with Orion.
Orion's training stats thus far:
  • Average paced trot mile: ~09:45
  • Slow canter mile: ~04:10
  • Fast canter mile: ~03:25
I'm uncertain as to if the canter times are good or not, I just timed him on those just because I was curious.  We trot/canter every other mile.  I timed three of the four trot miles today (technical difficulty for the other) and they were all within ± 00:10 of each other.  Go Orion for consistency.  He really is trying so hard for me.  And I'm really proud of him.  Such a great little horse.  Just wish his un-balance with himself as I get him fixed up and evened out body-wise didn't make him so hard to ride.  I can't keep up with his changing gait as he figured himself out and feels better.  I ride awful for it and I know it is hard on him to keep up with me trying to keep up with him.  (Because those weren't the two most confusing sentences ever...tough.)  All I can do is keep trying.  Sorry, little man.

Segue into other life matters....  
Now that I’m a full-fledged real-worlder for the next year I have $$ to pay for things.  So I treated myself to some new kicks!
I love them.  Apparently I’m a “hipster” for buying Tom’s, but whatever.  They’re SO comfortable!  I love them and am considering getting another pair in a light grey.  They’re great shoes for work.  Much like my moccasins but a little more summer-oriented.
Upon discovery from a native Californian that it’s a hell of a lot prettier out there in the spring instead of the fall I’ve decided to push my west coast trip to April-ish.  I’ll have definite funds by then, more annual leave accumulated, and a probable decision made on what my next steps will be upon the completion of this job.  It makes more sense to go later in the spring than this fall.  And besides, I’m such a photography junkie when it comes to the outdoors and places I haven’t been before that the prettier it is, the better!
This weekend I’m headed to Antietam battlefields for the big 4th celebration there.  Symphony music choreographed with fireworks display?  Yes, thanks, I’ll take that.  Expect lots of firework photos to follow!  And some proud-to-be-an-American photos chock-full of rich American fought-for-this-land-and-won-it kind of things.  The its-my-birthday-b*tches celebration.  Hurrah for the big 235!
Orion’s weekend will be semi exciting, too, despite my absence.  My friend Sonya is taking him to trail ride at Spruce Knob (WV’s highest point @ 4863ft.).  Sweet deal for me, and Orion, though he probably won’t admit it to anyone.  Spruce Knob and the Dolly Sods Wilderness are my two biggest dreams as far as riding in WV goes.  My horse will do one before I get a chance to, go figure.  Haha.
I wish you and yours a great long weekend!

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  1. TOMS are great! And comfy! And they are a great cause. :)

    I also love the picture of the foal feeding. It makes my Momma senses tingle or something. Lol.

    Hope you have a great fourth!