Monday, June 27, 2011


Here are my thoughts:
If indeed I can stay on at my current position for a full year (this is if they have the funding, which, pray they do) I will have sufficient funding to do a volunteer project somewhere and gain some superb experience.  If indeed I am able to obtain these necessary funds I’m going to apply for numerous wolf, moose, and other carnivore and ungulate projects around the country (& Canada).  Though if I could obtain a paid temporary position in Alaska or somewhere crazy-awesome like that I would take that up, too.  OR if the perfect grad opportunity arose I would apply for that, too.  I figure I have some great opportunities to really put myself out there – finally – and do what I want to do.  We shall see.  I’m excited at the prospect of finally throwing it all to the wind and getting out there.  Making money now opens some doors for later.  Funding is essential.  Oh the possible places to go!
I’m currently planning a trip to the west coast finally.  San Diego to Joshua Tree to Yosemite to San Francisco to the Redwood forests…I hope it works out.  I’m psyched.
The pink pony, Zeke


  1. Very awesome! I hope that you can take a year and do some awesome work where you get paid in an awesome place or get to volunteer! I think that'd be so neat and a nice break from school... some "street" smarts if you will. Plus it'd be super neat to read about your numerous adventures. :) The trip out west will be awesome too! I hope it pans out! I want to go to Yosemite before I'm 30 but definitely want to wait 'til all the kids are out of diapers - lol.

  2. San Diego is really really wonderful. Make sure you visit Old Town, while you're down. it's a little mini Mexico.