Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mac vs PC

Alright people, comment on this post and tell me what you like about your Mac (if you have one).  My PC has finally shit the bed.  I'm tired of this happening.  Microsoft insists that I need updates and installs them anonymously at shutdown.  Upon restart I discover that I have access to nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Luckily my photos are all backed up on my wonderful external HD.  (Thank goodness!)  Both my laptop and desktop are now set-up to where if something like this occurs its more inconvenient than anything because my valuables (photos) are backed up on my external HD.  Sigh to computers.

So now I am debating finally splurging to get an iMac - something I've wanted for years.  But with the student discount its still $1149.  Yipes!  And I'm not entirely certain ArcGIS would run on it...  And I feel I will be needing that with upcoming schooling.  So I don't know.  That's holding me back.  The "change" of it all is holding me back.  And of course the $$$$ is holding me back.  But I'm sick of dealing with this crap.  I don't know...

Has your mac ever copped out on you?  What do you love about it?  What bothers you? 

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  1. Honestly, I love MAC. I go PC though because it's cheaper and I always always always buy Compaq. DO NOT BUY DELL or anything that DELL owns such as Alienware. They've gone down the shitter. My compaq has lasted me five years and still running strong. Only problem you'll run in with the MAC though is the fact that they lack a lot of memory. You'll have to upgrade and buy more because the base models don't come with much at all. and it's REALLY REALLY expensive to upgrade it. They do also have a tendency to 'freeze up' where you get that weird rainbow wheel and it just spins and spins forever. But macs are cool and Apple has some of the best customer service you could ever hope for which is awesome.