Monday, June 25, 2012

Missing my horses

I miss these sweet faces...

Can you tell who's needy and who's not?  Hope my little grey is growing lots in my absence.  Additionally, not the greatest of shots, but I made both their halters.  Thinking about mass making halters here very soon to sell at our endurance ride and to others if they're interested!

: : : : :

Additionally...Griffin is supposedly half TWH half Arab - which makes him 100% awesome.  What do you think about this TWH's markings and color compared to my little guy?!

That hip is a bit different - and I swear I'm gonna try to get a better conformation shot of Color before I leave - but seriously, first horse I've seen with markings and color like Griffin. 

Color is a TWH.  He's gaited.  A direct son of The Pusher.  The folks who have Color looked at photos of my Griffin and videos of him moving and think there is a high likelihood of Griffin being a grandson (or maybe a son - though why someone would pay big bucks to breed a non TWH mare to a fancy TWH stud makes no sense, so I highly doubt that).  Supposedly the trait Pusher throws that people want is grey coloring with that blaze and the tall white stockings.  Additionally, the strange front sock with a dot around the knee is common.

I'm more than aware that color isn't everything and could mean nothing.  But the head shape and facial expressions Color makes are so like my little Griffin!  Griffin just has a little bit more of a refined head.  Shorter backed, too.  A conformation comparison of photos of the two would help to make further determinations. 

It makes me excited to think that Griffin may not have a total train wreck of a pedigree though.  He's a phenomenal little horse so far.  He's got a lot of potential and I'll love him no matter what.  But I'd honestly written him off as far as chances that he could have any past greats in his blood.  I reckon he's my lucky pick from a bad situation.  You know, maybe something like the Eighty Dollar Champion?  I can hope.  ;-)


  1. Dixie's a Pusher granddaughter. (Grandmare? Grandhorse?) I don't know much about bloodlines, but anyway, Color looks quite a bit like pics I've seen of Dixie's sire.

    Nice work on the halters!