Thursday, June 7, 2012

Q vs. ground poles

A hometown friend - we'll call her A - has been training under an incredible trainer for the past 9 months in Virginia.  She's home for two weeks with her Friesian sporthorse, Eli (more on that tomorrow). 

We're exchanging knowledge and I'm lending her some of the beauty of our local riding in our overlapping time in town.  Last weekend she came out for a trail ride on her second day home.  I put her on Q as Mayer can be a royal pain if you are unaware of how much she hates anyone to be up in her mouth.  Since A has been working with hunter/jumpers for the past several months I thought it better to put her on Q who is more accustomed to contact with her mouth than Mayer who is used to signals that come from your legs and seat.

The ride went beautifully and we both had a blast.  I got to hear all about fox hunting and am planning a trip (or two) in the fall to go!  Additionally, I hope to get some flat and jumper lessons from A's trainer who is VERY well respected in the horse community.

Returning to the barn, A was enamored with Q and her forwardness/eagerness.  I pulled out some PVC pipe for ground poles so A could see how Q would do.  She had her going straight within minutes and assured me she could likely have her doing a 2' jump within no time at all.

Look at that big stride on my little 14.1 endurance pony  =)

Tomorrow & Saturday A and I are going to do more trail riding, I will be receiving a lesson from her on Q, she will get lessons on working a new horse on the ground from me, and we just plan to have a jolly good time of it all.  I'm SUPER PSYCHED to ride some Friesians and her Friesian sporthorse.  I mean, come on, what horse crazy girl HASN'T dreamt of owning or riding a Friesian?!?!

Photo spam to follow in upcoming days.  I promise to fit it into a post before I leave Sunday (for 3 weeks) and disappear into the land of little technological service.  My outdoors gear is mostly packed and ready.  Gonna be a blast!


  1. Sounds like you had (and are going to have) the awesomest time. Can't wait to read about it.
    Q does look like she would have a good jump on her.

  2. Sounds like so much fun. And little Q looks so cute over ground poles.