Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Q jumps

Q can jump, and loves it, but first, some houseblog-keeping issues I need help with...

As you read this (and all posts that crop up until July 1) I will be training somewhere in the Tennessee/North Carolina woods with the Backcountry Horsemen of America (BCHA) on Leave No Trace (LNT) principles with a concentration on pack horses/stock.  I've made a point to schedule at least one post weekly between now and when I return so my blog doesn't go dormant.  Had I been a little wiser I would have asked for guest bloggers....

Actually, it's not really TOO late.  I will be checking my email next weekend and it would be great to have some guest posters for the last two weeks.  Takers?   Anything to do with life, getting outside and having fun, horses, endurance, crafts, photography, doing things that make you happy.  What I'm really looking for are posts that make people SMILE.  Because honestly, while my blog is helpful to me because I can look back on things I've learned and done, I really try to dote on happy, fun things as much as I can.  Email me at estout18 (at) gmail (dot) com if you're interested. Just drop me an email with a post, or just photos, or whatever.  (If you have photos a URL link to the web address with the .jpg ending would be great to avoid any snafus!)

: : : : :

Yes, my little mare can jump.  She and I are both beginners.  But we're beginners with a lot of exuberance towards the discipline.

I'm largely self-taught in all jumping knowledge of what I need to be doing in order to best help my horse out (I read LOTS and look at photos/videos when applicable).  One day (soon) I do plan on getting a few lessons.  I don't want to compete, but I want to be competent.

I need to do something else with my elbows...
Kenai is jealous I'm not paying him any mind.

Q is eager.  So eager to jump and move and please.  She's quick to learn and only balked or startled when we would alter the jump structure.

Wee!  She put more oomph into this than I'd expected, or did you guess from my facial expression? 
I was really focusing on looking UP and keeping my heels DOWN.  At least the looking up stuck in every photo.

She was a lot more confident under A than me, with reason. 

Eager pony!
A is having fun, or did you notice?
He was conked out in my lap.  I love him.

But through it all she was forward and happy to perform.  It was is a great cross-training exercise for us.  With our ghetto setup I hope to pull together a few more jumps and have a tiny little course to work on the days we do shorter conditioning rides.  Short ride + 20-30 minutes of jump work sounds like a fun little day to me!


  1. Yay for the jumping :)!!! Looking good. Q looks like a fabulous jumper.