Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Discontinued Vacation + Winter Goals

Last Friday I ended Q's vacation. I can't say she was exactly thrilled about it. I mean, what mare really wants to quit being a pasture puff on 20 acres with her harem of male suitors? Its a pretty good life for a friend-addict hussy like Q.

But alas, her loafing time is over.

I have lots of plans for her over the winter months. Nothing greatly strenuous or seriously structured in a way to keep her in super-shape for a 50, but more than enough to keep a good baseline fitness on her.

This winter I strive to remedy a myriad of small issues she has that I've grown tired of:
  • slight, yet noticeable one-sidedness with nigh on everything
  • fidgeting when tied in the barn (she's great outside or just standing freely in an enclosure)
  • acceptance of me holding up her hind feet for extended periods of time 
  • standing 100% (not 60%) of the time when mounting
  • acceptance of clipping hair on her legs (need to prevent scratches)
And skills/exercises I strive to work toward with her (in combination with the above) are:
  • more at liberty work to get her attention on me - she's responsive, yet extremely distracted during any liberty session we've ever had; I'd like to figure out how to best get her mind on me and off her friends
  • progressing through the 101 Dressage Exercises book
  • lateral movements
  • suppleness
I'm certain there are more things I will incorporate as time progresses, but these are some good beginning goals. She's had a wealth of minor issues since the beginning that I've only remedied part-way; its time to improve more.

Nothing one my list is impossible. All of the above will just take some time. And if I can achieve all of the aforementioned things I'll have one heck of a better horse for it!

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