Friday, November 1, 2013

"Off" season

And thus we slip quietly into the "off" season. The season where I ride less and ski more. Ski LOTS more. Like every. single. weekend. more when the snow starts flying.

Additionally, life and finances are such that I am not going to be traveling far or often for endurance rides. This means my competition season will only be April-October. This is perfect for now though.

But this "off" season isn't so bad. And it isn't so off either.

Lest some of you forget, I actually do have TWO horses. A sweet accident, that.

Rarely (of late) talked about grey horse, Griffin, is headed into work while Q has a vacation and then pursues some other forms of training. I plan to work him through nothing but ground exercises for the entire month of November.

Remember when he tossed me a month or so back? I'm STILL having some residual issues with my ankle as a result. Its why I haven't worked him AT ALL since. I've trimmed his feet. The end.

And thus, November is ground month. I hope to resume under saddle work again in December, but I'll definitely reassess everything when we reach that point. I don't care to risk great injury again. This soft tissue issue with my ankle is enough thankyouverymuch.

I have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping spree planned for some equine-related things, one of which is a crash vest. I'd like for this to be in before I climb up on the grey devil's back again. I have a gut feeling that a month of consistent ground exercises coupled with crash vest (because its like a rain coat, yes? Bringing/wearing a rain coat means it won't rain. Wearing/owning the crash vest means I won't get chucked?) will result in my happy Griffin returning.

But then again... Maybe his personality has also been affected by the arrival of the new horse back in August/September. Gawd I hope not. I'd like to see him return to his old way of being with consistent work again!

Prepare to hear a little bit more about the little guy through my "off" season.

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