Thursday, November 14, 2013


My return from the Red River Gorge wasn't as smooth as I'd planned. One envisions the slow return into work, errands, life, etc. after a vacation. And thus, that was my plan as well, but instead I was graced with what I dubbed the "Kentucky Krud", a brutal head cold like none I've ever had before. It knocked out a day and a half of work for me and two days I'd planned to go to the barn.

As a result, your previously scheduled equine updates shall resume on the morrow, and today you all get to finally answer that little question I know has been floating around in your heads since I shared photos in this post where my beautiful little Siberian floofums revealed his oh-so-stylish and hairless rear end.

IT'S GROWING BACK! Slowly, but surely.

The guard hairs will take a long time. But the floof is there! And everything is sticking to it. -_-

But its okay. I'll take it.YAY for growth of hair and floof!

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