Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Barn Blog Hop

Ashley at Horses: The Process of Learning started this blog hop.

It's time for a blog hop of barn tours! Ever wonder where your horsey Blogger friends spend most of their day?  Want to show off the amazing place you get to keep your fur child? Now is your chance to share and get to know your friends just a little bit more!

Here's how it's going to work; its simple and fun!

Share with us the following 5 photos:

1. A View of the Barn
Taken from the horse field; the barn
The interior as viewed from the main door

Big enough area to back my car and trailer into
The aisle; one larger foaling stall + tack room on the left and then three smaller
stalls on the right. The indoor round pen at the back. Wash rack is just out of
view to my right, too.

2. Your Horses' Living Space
24/7 turnout on many many acres

3. The Tack Room
Panorama taken from door in barn that leads to tack room.

The door into the tack room from inside the barn
The door to the outside from inside the tack room..and oh, a horse.
From the blue bin at center to the bottom saddle rack to the saddle pad crap

4. View of Where You Ride

That's the area I refer to as the "barnyard" where I set up jumps and hope to
create a dressage practice area with letters this summer
Its nice to have a flat area to do this
I also ride around the property like this.
(A ride from Griffin earlier in the year.)
The barn is the roof in the upper right.

Indoor round pen
Outdoor round pen

Trails woods and the rail trail

5. Your Favorite Feature of Your Facility
Access to a trailer to travel far away trails
Access to versatile trails
The opportunity to ride in a place like this

 My absolute favorite part about my situation is the versatility available to me.

I have access to:
  • wooded mountain trails that I can create up to a 20 mile ride on.
  • the rail trail that I could ride one way for 30+ miles; a flat trail with excellent footing.
  • two different sized round pens for liberty work and simple basics.
  • a barnyard area that is flat and perfect for jumping or dressage schooling.
  • a back field with a hill that is perfect for hill sprint workouts.
  • a TRAILER that I can use whenever to go off property to the new, big covered arena or head out to far away trails for a change of scenery.
  • wonderful people who are always there to help me out at a moment's notice; people who keep an eye on my horses at all hours of the day from the windows of their home and inform me if something is amiss. This last part is probably THE BEST thing. Its why I don't feel overly guilty throughout the winter months when I cannot get out there for a week at a time. I know my horses are okay or I would have had a call. 

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