Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skijoring *update: video fixed*


A first for all involved!

"I'm going to do WHAT today?"

Suited up ready to go. Two ropes attached to a sum of 4 rings on the back of the saddle. These were connected to a carabiner
which was then connected to the tow rope that Mike held. Best set up to date! Very happy we had the breast plate, too!

Gooning in the safety glasses; forgot his ski goggles

I'm thrilled. Kenai is psyched. Q is wondering what the HELL that thing on the ground is...and why its ATTACHED to her.

I asked Mike to take this picture for both the beautiful scenery of the snow and tall grass AND to show you the hill I do my
hill sprint workouts on. The base of the hill just out of the frame on the right side of the photo is where we begin the sprint.
We work our way up to the peak of the hill (traveling left across the photo) and then turn and walk down to repeat.
If I want to really work her hard for a rep or two during the set, we'll sprint up the side that is directly facing you in this shot.
As you can see, it is a much steeper incline than the other. Its a GREAT area to practice finesse with steep downhill footwork.

Q was an absolute doll for our 2.5 miles of skijoring play (yes, I turned on Endomondo to track our trot/canter/gallop pursuit). She was sassy and forward, but she did listen to my requests (at speed!) very well. She also wasn't super spazzy about the very strange thing that followed her everywhere.

I had a hard time dealing with the Aussie saddle - I'm so used to posting and being in two point for antics such as these. I never realized how much I posted and stayed in two-point until my movement was impeded by the saddle. I figured it out after a time though!

We raced big circles around the open back field for awhile. We even did one hill sprint where Q hauled Mike on his snowboard UP the hill!

After the hill sprint we did two more full laps of the field at speed.

Q was a little sweaty and definitely huffing and puffing after! I was very encouraged when she stopped to drink at the creek after - taking in a minimum of 20 swallows of the cool water. Good girl.

Enjoy this semi-crazy video that Mike filmed while being pulled. <3 my mare. (Let me know if the video doesn't work!)

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