Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So, I live in a barn

Backstory: I'm currently working in the town I grew up in. I was fortunate enough to score a job in my field immediately after college. I wasn't thrilled to be moving back home,  a much smaller and quieter town than where WVU is (yes, yes, party school, blah blah blah), but I couldn't turn down the amazing opportunity present to me. The first two years of my position, which constantly evolved, was completed in short spurts. I wasn't guaranteed a job past so many months. Fortunately, as things evolved I was able to stay again and again. In the spring of 2013, the job became more permanent, guaranteeing me a position a year at a time for 4 years. And thus, I was able to begin apartment searching.

It became evident immediately that the listings available in local papers and real estate flyers weren't going to work for me. Having pets made things significantly more difficult. So, instead of relying on those modes of discovery, I reached out to friends who are VERY well-connected within the community to keep an eye out for me.

Within a week of this request, my vet (and friend) had an idea.

Her practice is one that involves a lot of travel around the area. She specializes in equine and large animal, but also supplements that with small animal work two days a week. (She's seriously super woman! She's also the one who performed Kenai's surgery.) She sees a lot of properties and knows a ton of people as a result!

She mentioned a barn apartment just outside of town. Its on a road I didn't even know existed until a few years back, despite growing up here! The location makes it seem like its way out in the boonies, but really its only a 7 minute drive from just about anywhere in town - and only a 15 minute drive to my horses.

She cautioned that the place would need renovated, that the landowners would do that, but not until I confirmed my interest and saw it first.

I was ecstatic.

In no time at all, I'd check it out, approved of the renovations they'd planned and we set a tentative move-in for July.

The apartment is linear. Front door leads into the kitchen/living room area and then a central hallway/doorways connect each of the rooms. It flows as such: kitchen/living, bathroom/gear storage space, spare bedroom/office space, laundry area and closet, bedroom.

An odd layout, for sure, bu perfect for a single person.

And, of course, I was allowed to bring the animals! Bonus? Kenai would have SO much room to run around the property!

So, without further ado, here is a photo tour through the months of my place. I absolutely adore it - minus the two gates I have to open/close to get from my residence to the road because of the horse field. (I have a moat of horses/fields, haha.)

The area painted red is the apartment. The rest is the barn. Their horses are on 24/7 turnout, so its not stinky or noisy.
The view as I drive in. The barn is on the right.

Better view of barn to right. Apartment is the red painted area on the far side from the point-of-view.

A baby Atticus enjoying a crisp summer day from the front door.
The view from my front porch. Autumn colors surround me. This view is to the west.

The view to the south. I come through that gate to enter my yard. I love watching the storms roll in during the summer.

The view to the east at sunrise. The bottom land area in this photo is an oxbow wetland.

I sometimes let the boys into the yard to mow it for me. L-R, Major, Cooper, Chester, Something. Magic is outside the fence behind them and Hammer isn't pictured. All of the boys except Hammer are TWH. Hammer is a QH.
Chester, one of their 6 horses, greeting me one misty morning.
Rain rolling off the tin roof during a summer deluge. Its so loud when you're inside the apartment. I love the sound of the rain on the tin roof.

A panorama of the southeastern view one frosty morning.

The living room from the front door.

The kitchen/living area as viewed from the doorway that connects to the rest of the apartment.

The office/extra bed space looking toward my bedroom. My bedroom was originally a garage.

My bedroom. The back wall used to be a garage door.

Not a bad place to hang out. We have big plans for summer "beach" parties in this yard. Complete with cornhole, croquet, a slip-n-slide, baby pool, mini sandbox, chairs, and shade umbrellas.

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